Founder, Executive Director //

Camilla Hermann is the founder of GroundUp Global in New York and Ghana, an organization that provides capacity building and resources to local leaders. She has worked with the Liberian refugee population on the Buduburam camp in Ghana since 2010, where she partnered directly with the Liberian Embassy in Ghana to raise funds and support an economic empowerment initiative within Buduburam.

Through GroundUp, Camilla documented demographic data for 3500 unregistered Liberian refugees with a team of 10 for the purposes of repatriation by the UN, Ghana Refugee Board, and International Organization of Migration.

Her work has been featured at the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference and was selected as a semi-finalist for the Ashoka Changemaker Challenge.



Aike brings strategic and financial experience - from both corporate and entrepreneurial perspectives - to the team. Aike currently works in the Digital Innovation team at JP Morgan Chase’s consumer bank, which focuses on next generation banking products and emerging payments. 

As part of the core Strategy team at the investment bank years prior, Aike restructured the trading operating model of JP Morgan’s markets business and shepherded the creation of a new cross-asset electronic trading desk.

Before her start at the New York Stock Exchange, Aike founded three companies - a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit, a technology licensing company, and a restaurant. In 2010, Aike was named Emerging Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame.



Al Sambolah brings a strong background in community activism, national politics, organizational strategy, and social services to Odisi’s operations in Liberia. In 2011 Sambolah founded The All Political Party Youth Confederation of Liberia (APPYC-Liberia), a national coalition of major political parties’ national youth auxiliaries. As President, he directed the groups strategy to create “a politically conscious, non-violent and non-sexist society of rational young people with economic freedom in their life time.”

In partnership with sister organization APPYA-Sierra Leone, Sambolah lead the establishment of a regional block of APPYA to prevent post-civil war factions from using youths as instruments of violence during elections in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Under his leadership, as one of its many initiatives, APPYC-Liberia partnered with International IDEA and International Alert to strengthen the leadership and institutional capacity of young people from registered Liberian political parties.

As a former journalist and a social worker who is passionate about African youth activism and community organizing in and outside of Liberia, Sambolah is dedicated to using his time, energy, and skills to forge a brighter future for Liberia.



InSTEDD designs and uses open source technology tools to help partners improve collaboration, information flow and knowledge sharing to better deliver critical services to vulnerable populations.  With long term sustainability in mind, their interdisciplinary team of public health experts, scientists, and software engineers help build local capacity to solve critical health, safety and sustainable development problems. InSTEDD is committed to evaluating the impact of their programs, documenting best practices, and sharing the results of their work.

InSTEDD’s innovative approach is being successfully applied around the world — from pioneering efforts to integrate disease surveillance and response systems in Southeast Asia to implementation of a nationwide communications system to aid victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  As a non-profit organization, they have grown an extensive network of partners which include community groups, government agencies, leading universities, private sector companies, and humanitarian organizations.